Presentations & Workshops: Learning how is the next great adventure


I’ve been giving short presentations to local quilt and other textile interest guilds. These involve a short slide show featuring a number of pieces that I have created. I also do a trunk show for the guilds with examples of smaller works so there is a chance to examine the creations close up. There is usually a “work-in-progress” included in the show. I recommend leaving a reasonable time for questions. The audience usually has a lot.


I am currently offering a workshop that teaches people how to build a “Project Bag”. The pockets on the inside are designed to hold things like the scissors, knitting needles, books, and materials we all take to workshops. When the bag is opened over a chair all the goodies inside stay put, thus leaving table space free for creativity. This very adaptable bag can be constructed entirely from recycled materials.

Contact me with any inquiries you may have regarding presentations or workshops.