Sacred Garments: Garments worn by people when preforming a special ceremony usually of a Sacred nature


A chasuble is a sleeveless outer vestment worn by a Catholic or High Anglican priest when celebrating Mass, typically ornate and having a simple hole for the head.

Chasuble - Susan Spicer
Susan’s ordinary times chasuble

Susan, the priest who it was created for, wanted a chasuble that was down-to-earth, inspired by the tree of life, and reflected her commitment to the parishioners who she works with.

Chasuble neck

This client didn’t want glitter or flash, which is why we chose a linen-cotton blend of green that complement the colours used throughout the church such as the alter cloth.

Chasuble bottom front

The “Tree” was made from green and brown fabrics donated by members of the community. There are more than 50 different colours of fabric in this part of the chasuble. It also has hidden pockets built into the leaves so Susan can pull out little gems such as feathers or stones to show her congregation during the sermon.

Contact me about having a Sacred Garment created for your personal calling.

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